Saturday, August 01, 2009

Another Super Short Update

Guys, I am so sorry for not updating pretty much at all in July. See, I started an AP class online this month, plus I had summer assignments for two more AP classes, so it really started to add up. Plus, my summer has less than a month left so I am running out of time. I will try extra hard to get out a lot of posts in August so it can bumper my diminished blogging I know will happen when school starts. And I still have those posts on blueberry jam, butter cake and puff pastry, plus more!

Plus, I have been working on trying to create a logo and new layout for this blog to make it a little more streamlined, so stay tuned (is that they word? stay reading? who knows...) as that will be coming sometime.

Thank you guys so much for reading, It really does make it all worthwhile to see the view count and comments, and I appreciate it so much.


cathy said...

good luck with all those AP classes!

flory said...

AP classes sound strange and taxing. good luck with them! *toddles off to attempt a start on own summer assignments*

Flory said...

i'll be in my last year of school...though really, i'm a year too old. it's down to transferring from a national school to an international school, which just puts you back one year. long story :P