Sunday, June 07, 2009

Pictures are Coming!Here!

Cupcake Cookies
Ahh, yes. I know, I know. I have said pictures would be up many, many times. Well this week they will actually be put up. I even have the pics on my computer now!
I would have done it sooner, but school with AP exams, and then plain Honors exams, last projects, and getting everything in check with final grades, is a big time consumer. But guess what? School is out, for the summer! Ok well only partially for me as I have 2 summer assignments and a complete online class. I feel like I am repeating my self, like I have said this on the blog before. Excuse me if I am.

But now, I have much more time. Which means more blogging, more baking, and more time.

See, it has always been such a hassle to get the pictures up on the blog because I use my father's DSLR, so its not mine so I do not know how to upload the pictures on to my computer (nor would my bipolar computer let it anyways), so eventually when he uploads them to his computer, when it is not at work with him, I have to get the pictures on it, copy them to a thumb drive, take the drive to my computer load them on it (a feat in and of itself with this sorry excuse for a computer). Then I have to pick proper photos, upload them to a third party site and then put them back in to this blog.

Exhausting, I know, but its a labor of love.

UPDATE: Pictures are up so look on the homepage for various photos, on some posts!

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Anonymous said...

i love them, they are beautiful.