Monday, June 08, 2009

Things I Would Love to Make

This is a list I have been meaning to make for a long time, of all the different items I have been meaning to make. Some I have made before, just not in a long time, although many I have never made. If anyone has any recipes for any of the following items feel free to share or link to in the comments. I would love to hear them!

  1. Key Lime Pie
  2. Tiramisu
  3. Yeast Bread
  4. Donuts*
  5. Cannolis
  6. Tuiles
  7. Tres Leches Cake
  8. Pizza Crust
  9. Pumpkin Bread
  10. Lemon Meringue Pie
  11. Cranberry Cake
  12. Madeleines*
  13. Short bread
  14. Flag Cake
  15. Scones
  16. Fig and Goat Cheese Tarts
  17. Cheese Danish
  18. Eclairs
  19. Homemade Flan
  20. Granita
  21. Marshmallows
  22. Savory tarts
  23. Churros
  24. Ice Cream*
  25. Rhubarb Crisp
  26. Fondant covered anything*
  27. Petit Fours
  28. Cheese Muffins
  29. Bombe glacée
  30. Meringue cookies
  31. Cookie Dough Cupcakes
  32. Panna Cotta
  33. Graham Crackers
  34. Lemon Curd

* do not have required equipment


Deborah said...

I need to make a list like this and start checking them off! You have many things on here that I haven't made, but really need to!

Ivana said...

Thanks for your visit!
I can try to translate the limoncello recipe! give me your email!
and the recipe of lemon curd it's too easy, i can try too!

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Reply to your comment--you said: "do you know of any frosting that aren't buttercream? i can not stand buttercream"

There are a few types of "buttercream," so which do you dislike?

Also, there are many frosting options that don't contain butter at all. You could try cream cheese frosting, 7-minute frosting, marshmallow frosting.

Btw, I have recipes on my blog for some of the things on your list (key lime pie, yeast bread, pizza crust, danish, eclairs, marshmallows, and ice cream) :D

Elissa said...

Great list! I've got one too of stuff I'd like to make. Tiramisu, donuts, danishes, eclairs, marshmallows, and graham crackers are all things I want to make too. Maybe one weekend we should both do one!

Anonymous said...

I want to cook a lot of things too, but if I make a list, but my list will be so long!!

Your list gives me some ideas :D

(I replied to your comment on my blog!)

Charisse said...

Hello there...I found your website from 17 and Baking - There is an easy way (although somewhat time consuming) to make ice cream without an ice cream maker. I do not have an ice cream maker and this is how I do it. I didn't have it written anywhere on the web so I will give you the link that I first started using.

This is for making a NON custard based cookies and cream ice cream.